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THIS page lists events and other information related to the time line from 1503AD to 1749AD. Some areas contain extra pages you can read with additional reference material on them. To access these pages, please see the extra information column of the table below.


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1930 The R101 disaster, the 777' long airship is destroyed by mechanical failure and fire.    
1930 Liverpool Cenotaph unveiled before a crowd of 80,000 by Edward George Villiers Stanley, 17th Earl of Derby.    
1932 Speke joins Liverpool and is the last major boundary change to the Liverpool area.    
1933 The Conservatory, supposedly the largest in England was demolished in this year.    
1934 The Mersey Tunnel, Queensway Entrance, finished, and opened by King George the V. The total cost of the tunnel was 7.75 million, and was 2.13 miles long the longest in the world at the time. The earth and debris from the excavation was sent to Otterspool to build a riverside Promenade and park.    
1934 The New Brighton Bathing Pool was built.    
1934 The estimated number of people on Ainsdale beach during a July heatwave this year was 100,000.    
1935 High explosives used to destroy the wreak of the barque Nereus, which has lain on the Ainsdale beaches since it's wreaking. It was deemed to be a hazard to the ever increasing numbers of bathers to the beach.      
1935 The Blundell club Golf course Club House was built.    
1936 Ascension of King Edward the VIII and subsequent abdication.    
1937 The last Street Railway, tram, runs in Birkenhead.   
1938 Formby By-Pass is opened this year.    
1939 War declared on Germany, September of this year.


1939 The D'Arcy Exploration Company drills a test bore and finds oil in Formby, they then set up a field with 18 pumps working around the clock to pump up the oil. This site soon becomes the 2nd biggest oil field in Britain.  
1939 Work on Liverpool Cathedral continued slowly    
1940 Retreat from Dunkirk.  
1941 HMS Queen Charlotte opens in this year, to train naval gunners.   
1941 Freshfield Golf Course requisitioned by the RAF for an Airfield later called RAF Woodvale.  
1941 The Bismarck sank in revenge for the Hood.  
1941 Finished 2nd phase of Liverpool Cathedral under the tower used for the 1st time  
1942 Rommel's forces routed in the desert of this year.    
1943 The dam-busters do their work and destroy the Eder and Mohne dams on Ruhr river valley in Germany.    
1944 The Nature reserves Investigation Committee places Ainsdale in the top 22 wildlife sites in Britain.    
1944 Normandy landing take place, in June, with initial success off the beaches.      
1944 The start of the end for the Third Reich.  Paris is liberated by Allied forces in the August. German forces retreat from Holland, September, pursued by allied forces.    
1945 Victory over Europe celebrated in May. Victory over Japan in September.      
1945 Labour Victory as Prime Minister Clement Atlee had a 2 to 1 majority over the Conservatives and Winston Churchill was no longer PM.    
1945 Liverpool Cathedral survived World War 2 almost unscathed  
1946 Nationalization coal industry.     
1946 National Health Service formed.    
1946 HMS Queen Charlotte closes in Southport.    
1946 The Amateur Championships are held at Birkdale Golf Club. (Royal Birkdale)    
1947 British Coal industry nationalized.      
1947 School leaving age raised to 15.     
1948 Royal Birkdale Golf Club hosts the first of its major golfing events, the Curtis Cup.  
1948 Princess Elizabeth married Prince Philip.    
1949 British Railways and electrical industries nationalized.     
1949 British Gas industry nationalized.    
1950 Soap and petrol rationing end, and the Stone of Scone stolen from Westminster Abbey.    
1951 Another test drilling at Ainsdale was to take place, but after going down 5,000 ft was decided that it was a dry hole. They tried in several other places around the area but found no other oil reserves.    
1951 The Royal Birkdale Golf Club gets "A Royal Command."   On 11 November 1951 an important notice was posted by the then Captain H F Simpson. It read:- "I have the honour to announce that His Majesty The King has been graciously pleased to Command that the Club shall henceforth be known as The Royal Birkdale Golf Club." This then was to enabled it to become 1 of the finest clubs not only in the British Isles, but also in the world.  
1951 Coronation Stone returned to Westminster Abbey.    
1951 Guns in the Fort Perch Rock fired for the last time for the Festival of Britain celebrations.  
1951 The Walker Cup is held at Royal Birkdale Golf Club.    
1952 Albert Dock complex listed as the largest collection of Grade I Listed Buildings in Britain.  
1953 Queen Elizabeth the II crowned in Westminster Abbey, the entire ceremony is televised.  


1953 BSAC (British Sub Aqua-Club) founded in London.  
1954 Royal Birkdale Golf Club hosts the Open Golf Championships for the 1st time having prevented them from doing so in 1940, due to the War.    
1954 Food Rationing ends in England.    
1954 Southport Aero Club starts flying from Hesketh Park, flights costing just 3.    
1955  Plans announced that Britain will build 12 atomic power stations around England over the next 10 years.    
1956 The last train runs on the Overhead Railway.    
1957 The Last Liverpool Tram runs through Liverpool.      
1957 The Fort Crosby buildings are now disused and stand empty.     
1957 The worlds largest radio telescope went into operation at Jodrell bank for the Manchester University.     
1957 Queens Christmas speech televised for the first time.    
1958 Anglican Cathedral architect, Giles Gilbert Scott, died, aged 80  
1958 Newly arrived immigrants, invited to the country from the ex-colonies in the West Indies, had an unhappy time on arrival leading to black British immigrants race riots in Nottingham and Notting Hill which dominated press coverage.    
1958 The UK's first section of the motorway was built by Tarmac Construction and opened by the Prime Minister Harold Macmillan on 5 December 1958. The section of the now M6 was known as the Preston By-Pass.    
1959 Demolition completed on the Overhead Railway, efforts to raise money for repairs were unsuccessful, leading to demolition.    
1959 The US Notable Consul - John S. Service - takes up office in Paradise Street, Liverpool.    
1959 The M1 opened to the public for the 1st time.    

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