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THIS page lists events and other information related to the time line from 1503AD to 1749AD. Some areas contain extra pages you can read with additional reference material on them. To access these pages, please see the extra information column of the table below.


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1870 Queen Victoria's statue, mounted, beside her consort Prince Albert erected on St George's Plateau.     
1870 Southport Borough Police was formed on 23 March 1870.    
1870 William Farr claimed that the population of Liverpool was around 66,000 to the square mile.    
1870 Population increased to approximately 530,000.      
1870 The Scarisbrick Trustees offered Southport 15 acres of land just of Scarisbrick New road, but it was declined.    
1871 The replacement Victoria Baths re-opened in Southport on the Promanade.    
1872 The newspapers Ormskirk Chronicle and the Liverpool and Southport Daily News founded.      
1872 Southport Independent shuts down.    
1872 Secret Ballot introduced in Britain.    
1872 The newspaper Liverpool Weekly Courier founded again.    
1872 Thomas Haines Dudley finishes his role as the Consul for the United States of America, within Liverpool's Paradise Street Consulate.    
1873 West Lancashire Golf Course laid out and opened in Southport.    
1873 The newspaper Evening Express founded.    
1874 In Southport a 90,000 invested into the Winter Gardens project, opened this year, along with a Glaciarium, the first in this country, and the Prince of Wales hotel, which replaced the old Union Hotel.      
1874 The Eliza Fernley replaces the Jessie Knowles lifeboat, in Southport.    
1874 The newspapers Liverpool Daily and the Evening Albion are founded in 1874.    
1875 Liverpool Mercantile Advertiser/Gazette shuts down.    
1875 Weld-Blundells offer land in Birkdale for use as a park, it is declined.       
1875 Southport expanding still, absorbs Churchtown and Crossens.     
1875 The Founding of the Formby Land and Building Company in an attempt to compete with Southport.    
1876 Atkinson Art Gallery foundation stone laid and construction starts in what will be Southport's town center.    
1876 The newspaper Gore's General Advertiser shuts down.    
1877 Smedley Hydropathic Hotel opens in Southport.    
1878 The Sacred Heart of Jesus church opened and dedicated in this year in Southport.     
1878 On the 1 July Bootle Borough Police and St Helens Borough Police was formed.    
1878 The Free Public Library and Art Gallery given to the town in this year by William Atkinson, it cost somewhere in the region of 14,000.    
1878 The newspaper Ormskirk Chronicle shuts down.    
1878 The newspapers Bootle Times and Liverpool Weekly Post founded.    
1879 A Congregational chapel is built on Station Road. Atkinson Art Gallery was finished and opened on the 21 February 1879, in Southport.    
1879 The newspapers Waterloo & Crosby Times and Liverpool Echo founded.    
1880  Liverpool granted City status, in response to the fact that it contained half a million people, that was 12 times bigger than what the population stood at 100 years before.  Among this thriving community were Irish, Welsh and Scottish as well as Africans, West Indians and Chinese immigrants which made Liverpool a very cosmopolitan City.     
1880 The newspaper North End Times Founded.    
1880  Southport listed as the 3rd largest seaside resort in the country (England).    
1881 The newspaper Liverpool Mail shuts down. The newspaper  West Derby & Wavertree Times founded.    
1881 The Census returns of this year shows that every house in Hesketh Park area had a servant and only 14% had one servant the rest had more. 13% had four or more, in contrast in Birkdale 13% had only one servant and only 10% had four or more. One of the largest homes in the area was at Lismore, Waterloo road, the home of the sugar refiner William Macfie, he lived there with his wife and 6 children, 7 servants and one page. Just under 1000 boarders were present in the Southport and Birkdale area, of whom 60% were girls.    
1881 The Palace Hotel was reorganised as a Hydro hotel along the lines of the Smedley hotel and its success.     
1881 The newspapers  Liverpool and Southport Daily News shut down.      
1881 The newspaper Southport News founded.    
1882 Bootle Town Hall Opened.    
1882 The newspaper Southport Guardian founded.    
1883 The newspaper Liverpool & Bootle Evening Times founded.    
1884 The barque Nereus is wreaked off the shore of Ainsdale in a great storm.  Formby Golf Course opened.    
1884 The newspapers Liverpool Journal and North End Times shut down.    
1884 The newspaper North Liverpool Times Founded.    
1885 Southport Golf Club formed, opened in the Hesketh estates Marshside Hills.     
1885 The newspaper Southport Standard founded.    
1885 The newspaper Southport News shuts down.    
1885 The newspaper Halfpenny Weekly founded.    
1886 The Mexico disaster, where all, but 2 of Southport's lifeboat crew and all the men on St Anne's boat died. This is still the worst ever lifeboat catastrophe of all time.   
1887 Bootle Public Library and Museum added to the Town Hall.        
1887 The newspapers Liverpool Weekly Albion and Liverpool Daily along with the Evening Albion close for good.    
1887 The newspaper Liverpool Citizen founded.    
1987 The Church of St John's was also built in Southport.  The South Marine Lake finished and then opened.    
1887 Queen Victoria's Jubilee.    
1888 Weld-Blundells again offer land in Birkdale for a park, and again it is declined.      
1888 Mary Anna takes over from the sunken Eliza Fernley. (Southport)    
1888 The Edith and Annie Lifeboat joins the Mary Anna.    
1888 The Liverpool Porcupine writes that Southport is the richest town in the world in proportion to its population with more than half the householders being independent with a high proportion of them living on income from their capital, and most of them being female.      
1888 The newspaper Garston and Woolton Reporter founded.    
1888 Jack the Ripper Strikes in London, Whitechapel.    
1889 Birkdale Golf Club founded, play was a 9 hole course at Bedford Park.     This is a link to an external website. It is not a  PCBT Photography or PBT Media Relations Ltd. Website.
1889 The Edith and Annie sinks at it's moorings, due to silted up chains off Southport's Shoreline.    
1890 Liverpool given the title of "Gateway of Empire".  Halfpenny Weekly shuts down.    
1891 Southport Golf Club moves to Scarisbrick land on Moss Lane, probably due to Little Ireland, the only black spot on Southport said one Mayor of the day.      
1891 Population in Southport is 32,191 and in Birkdale its 12,387.    
1891 Southport boasts 500 lock-up shops as well as The Winter Gardens Opera House built and opened.    
1891 The newspaper Liverpool Citizen shuts down.    
1891 A field near Goodison Road was bought by Everton FC, which opened as the football ground in the August.     
1892 The newspapers North Liverpool Times and West Derby & Wavertree Times shut down.    
1892 The North Lake dug and opened in this year.    
1893 The Overhead Railway opens along the length of the Dock Road.  It's the first elevated railway in the world and the only one in Britain.  It was quickly nicknamed by locals as "The Dockers Umbrella" a name that stuck until it's close.    This is a link to an external website. It is not a  PCBT Photography or PBT Media Relations Ltd. Website. This is a link to an external website. It is not a  PCBT Photography or PBT Media Relations Ltd. Website.
1893 The Marine Drive built in Southport, surrounding a body of water later known as the Lagoon.  Also the newspaper, the Formby Times is founded.    
1894 Manchester Ship Canal opened.  Liverpool & Bootle Evening Times shuts down.    
1894 Royal Birkdale  Golf club decides to move to Birkdale the sand dunes.    
1895 The newspaper Waterloo & Crosby Herald founded.    
1896 Formby Ladies Golf Club opened.    
1897 The Birkdale Golf Club moves to it's present location mainly because it was rented to them for a very cheap rate.     
1897 The newspapers called Formby Newspaper and the West Lancs Coast Chronicle are founded, serving Formby and Southport areas.    
1897 The Pier Pavilion burned down in this year in Southport.     
1897 Liverpool Trams network starts operation.      
1897 The Liverpool City Engineer's start using photographs to record their work.  
1897 New Brighton Tower built to rival the Blackpool Tower.    
1897 The newspapers Kemp's Liverpool and the Lancs Gazette are founded.   
1897 Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.    
1898 Liverpool Trams first electric car left Dingle.  
1899 The Liverpool School of Tropical diseases is opened by Lord Lister.    
1899 Churchtown's Mrs. Hesketh dies in her 90's, she is succeeded by her Grandson Charles Bibby.      
1899 The Southport Lifeboat House goes out of service, and the John Harling becomes the last lifeboat for the area.    
1899 Liverpool Trams were to give 2 main events in Liverpool's transport history  
1899 The newspaper Southport Standard shuts down.      
1899 Iron age dugout canoe found at Martin Mere, just outside Churchtown, near Banks.    
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