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Merseyside History, Liverpool.

Liverpool by air, looking down the River Mersey (South West).  Taken over Bootle.
EFORE Liverpool there was only Halewood, or rather the village of Hale near a wood. This was recorded in the Doomsday book around 1001. 3 years later the first mention of the Mersey is made and that's as a river. By 1086 there is still no mention of the Liverpool only Smithdown, Toxteth and West Derby. The actual first mention of Liverpool is apparently in deeds, which sign over the lands of Ainsdale, French Lea, Liverpool, Ravenmeols and Litherland to a Henry Fitzwarine. Now Liverpool or rather the pool would have been an inlet of the river Mersey, and probably ran from the Mersey tunnel entrance at the Old Haymarket to Canning place where it rejoined the river.

It isn't until 1207 that King John actually signs a charter founding the town of Liverpool. 

Photograph below is of Liverpool from Air looking over Garden Festival Site (North) taken over the  river Mersey.

Photographs taken by Patrick Trollope BA(Hons) LBPPA. 

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