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The history of Merseyside and Liverpool City Region
Please note that the section covers international, national and local events that have affected the Merseyside region and the world around us, up to when our online newspaper, Southport Reporter's archives became permanently saved, in 2003.

Liverpool City Region (Merseyside)

THE information on this section covers the historical side of a world class region with many key developments in technology and world changing events that have shaped the world in which we live today.

Merseyside was formed in 1974 from what was then known as South West Lancashire. The Merseyside region consists of North Liverpool and South Liverpool, Sefton, Knowsley, St Helens and Wirral. Merseyside now has an approximate population of 1,403,381 with around 610,000 households. It has some of the richest wildlife on and off its coastline as well as the highest number of listed buildings outside of London.

In 1984 Liverpool hosted the International Garden Festival and in 2008 Liverpool was the European Union's Capital Of Culture.

In 2017, Merseyside officially became part of an Liverpool City Region, with the election of a Metro Mayor. The Liverpool City Region is a Combined Authority (CA) an economic and political area the incorporates the local authorities of Merseyside along with the associate members of both West Lancashire Council and Warrington Council.

Merseyside, as a regional, is rich historically.

We hope that this section will let you find out more about the regions rich historical background.   After you have taken a look around here why not try out our quiz and see what you have learned?


A few key historical points in time:-

43 Romans 450 Saxons 793 Vikings
1066 Normans 1485 Tudors 1603 Stuart
1714 Georgian 1837 Victorians 1914 World War 1
1939 World War 2 1990 Gulf War 1991 World Wide Web went live.

Merseyside History Section- Liverpool City Region - Timeline

The line blow is our areas time line.  Please click on the date period of time you are interested in and you will be taken to a list of events in chronological order.  We have put in some world related events, national events and regional events, so you can see what took place within a historical context. All the vents listed on our history pages have helped to shape the region...

  1503 to 1749   1830 to 1869   1900 to 1929   1960 to 2003
-8050 to 1490   1750 to 1829   1870 to 1899   1930 to 1959    

This section below links you to our some of key historical moments in time. The material on these links is referenced and some of the books listed can be obtained via our online shop. Other pages with lots of other topics and material on have also been linked to, but accessed via the timeline pages (above).



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