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Play for free Games Zone!

IF you are at work or at home, use this page to find some fun.    The games on this page are free to play and all information that you need can be found via looking at the rules of play!

 Please note that we have rated our games with this simple skill rating system = EASY SIMPLE HARD


Have fun & good luck!


The History Quiz

THIS game all tests mainly your historical knowledge, but also it will test your general knowledge of Liverpool related subjects as well...  All the topics covered can be found on Mersey Reporter and/or Southport Reporter, so you will be able to find out what you need to know, if you get stuck.   You get three quizzes to pick... 25 questions 50 questions and 100 questions...

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Chinese zodiac True Love Checker

THIS is not a game as such, but it is still fin and we can not think where to put it other than on here....  It is a free Chinese Zodiac True Love Checker....   So if you want to find out what Chinese animal you are and also who is the perfect love match for you... well click on below!

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THIS game is well known for being fun, quick and addictive...   All you have to do is play the computer and see if you can win...  Fun for all the ages...  Sponsored by the Ship & Anchor Pub, Southport

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Page being updated.

THIS game is free to play and has 10 large pictures of Farmer Ted characters and is designed for young kids aged 5 to 12.   If you have never played spot the difference on the web, well this is a good way of testing your skills out before you play our Mersey Reporter Spot The Difference.    Sponsored by Farmer Ted's Farm Park

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Spot the Difference...

  HELP stop the mad Scouser from changing the Merseyside we love, by spotting the differences he has made in these photos.   Simple and fun...  but very had to spot some of the changes....    This game is highly addictive, so go on have a go!    It is free to play, so why not have some fun?

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