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Holistic Realignment - Sports Injury Therapy

Holistic Realignment - Sports Injury Therapy

Holistic Realignment is based in Liverpool, providing high quality sports therapy treatments and related services. Working along the side of many top osteopaths and physiotherapists Marcus has learned from the best. His expertise includes techniques such as muscle energy technique and soft tissue release etc. This means you can be 100% sure of effective treatment at a valuable price. Marcus operates a mobile therapy service in and around Merseyside and Chester, seeing clients in the comfort of their own homes. On top of that he now operates a team of qualified therapists to go into to businesses to treat their employees. To find out more about services offered via Holistic Realignment go to their website.

Holistic Realignment are also able to offer infant massage to parents wishing to massage their infant.

We are also now able to offer team building workshops for up to 20 people contact now for more details

Common ailments that can be treated via our therapy practice include:-

► Sciatica.
► Frozen Shoulder.
► Tennis Elbow.
► Back pain.
► Pelvic pain.
► Repetitive Strain Injury.
► Joint Problems.
► Loss of mobility.
► Whiplash.
► Neck/ Shoulder / Upper back pain.
► Lower back Pain.
► Muscle / Tendon pain.

Phone:- 07870382109.   Email:-


Holistic Realignment are so confident of the services they offer, that they are willing to give this fantastic deal to all our website users. They are offering a half price on all first treatments, if you quote "Mersey Reporter Offers" at the time of booking the first appointment. Also they will not charge you, should they feel that they can not treat you.


  Mobile: 0787 038 2109

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