Fish Shaped Decorative Candles, 6 in a pack

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THESE tea light candle pack are idea for festive holidays, like Christmas and Easter. The candles come in a clear plastic gift box with white fish outlines on it. The collection has 2 blue, 2 green and 2 white candles the box. The box also has a decretive handle and small bow, along with a card tag. The candles are very lightly scented.

Approximate Dimensions of the lights.

Each are:- 6.5mm long, 2mm high, 3mm wide.

Colours are:-
Clear, (with a slight blue/silver tint to them).

WARNING:- These are NOT toys and are not suitable for children.

Tea light safety advice.

•Always burn tea lights in or on a suitable, non-flammable holder on a heat resistant surface.
•Don't let anything fall into the hot wax, including spent matches.
•Never place tea lights directly on plastic surfaces such as TV's, computers or baths.
•Never leave a tea light unattended and remember to extinguish before going to sleep.
•Keep away from draughts or blowing curtains.
•Keep tea lights away from children and pets.
•Make sure you have a working smoke alarm fitted and check it regularly.
•Do not move or handle the product until it has cooled.
•Do not burn candles down to the base.

Some orders can take up to 3 weeks.

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