SIM Card Backup Device (02)

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Do not risk loosing your information, with this backs-up and restore device.


1) Backs-up and restores phonebook data from SIM card

2) Device independent, no PC or PDA required

3) CY-02 is like cute water drip, which could be pocketed like key ring

4) With capacity of recording or copying the phone information of SIM card or UIM card

5) Memory is 8KB with 250 phone records storage

6) Easy to use: the whole processing is indicated by the indicator, with being operated individually, which means no need to be connected with computer

7) After recording, changing card or losing your mobile phone does not mean all your information lost

8) If SIM card or UIM card need to be used in different place or country, it could share the information though the backup device

9) The information recorded in the backup device will never lose even if the power is exhausted

10) The device with extent area for your silk screen symbols or advertisement and was packed with elegant gift box, as an ideal gift

WARNING:- This is NOT toy and is not suitable for children.
Some orders can take up to 3 weeks delivery.

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