Viking Mersey Scandinavian Wirral, West Lancashire

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WRITTEN by Stephen Harding, this book takes a look at Merseyside's viking history, with illustrations and photographs to aid the experiance.

The book was issued in 2002 to mark the 1100th anniversary of the expulsion of Vikings from Ireland and their subsequent arrival and settlement on Merseyside. The book charts the Vikings from Norway and Denmark… and shows that they appear to have settled peacefully. This book covers these people in peace and war, their customs, traditions, pastimes, their paganism and their Christianity, their governments and their financial centres. It also includes a section on how modern genetic research is being used to discover the descendants of these Invaders in the modern day population.

The book explores the legacy that Vikings left a behind them on Merseyside and surrounding areas, with place-names like Kirkby, Kirby, Meols and Croxteth, which can also be found in Iceland, another region they were invading.

Paperback:- 240 pages
Publisher:- Countyvise Ltd (9 Dec 2002)
Language:- English
ISBN-10:- 1901231348
ISBN-13:- 978-1901231342
Product Dimensions:- 24.2 x 21 x 2 cm

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