The Sands of Time

The Sands of Time Image

THIS book is a celebration of the natural wonders of the Sefton Coast sand dunes between Liverpool and Southport. Witten by local author Philip Smith and first published in 2009, this book is aimed at all levels of the general public and also trade readers. The book is a paperback, and is 248 high by 172 wide. It is 16 deep and also has 208 pages. It is lavishly illustrated with 160 colour photographs, maps and diagrams, The Sands of Time introduces the interested general reader to the origin and land use history of this coast and shows how sand dunes are formed and develop over time. The reader is also offered a unique insight into the animals and plants that live on the sand dunes as the author examines how this internationally important area is being conserved and managed for the future.

The book is printed by Amberley Publishing and its main subjects are natural history, country life and pets.

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