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Merseyside History.  Albert Dock.

Albert Dock

Liverpool Docks 1800c

WITH THE growth of trade with the American colonies, and the spread of the industrial revolution to Lancashire, Yorkshire and the Midlands, there was an ever-increasing volume of shipping and demand for berthing space in the North West. This gave rise to the birth of the Albert Dock Complex. A Yorkshire engineer named Jesse Hartley who was appointed Surveyor of Liverpool Docks in 1824 designed the Albert Dock complex. Upon completion in 1846, the docks were opened by Prince Albert, and so were named the Albert Dock. 

The entire Albert Dock complex consisted of a breathtaking seven acres of docks and associated warehouses that were used to store tea, silk, tobacco and spirits from the Far East. By 1900 Liverpool was the largest port in the World. 

With the gradual decline of industry and trade towards the mid-twentieth century, many of the magnificent buildings fell into disrepair. This led to a general decline of the docklands and the surrounding areas. 

In 1952 the complex was listed as the largest collection of Grade I Listed Buildings in Britain. Something needed to be done. The degeneration of the Docklands was halted in the 1980's when the Merseyside Development Corporation was founded. With inner-city development projects bringing government support and funding, the Albert Dock complex was refurbished and transformed into the tourist attraction it is today. The Albert Dock Complex now houses the Mersey Maritime Museum, Granada TV Studios, the northern outpost of the Tate Gallery, offices, apartments, hotels, pubs, wine bars, restaurants, shops, and various student and tourist information centres. 

The Albert Dock has hosted many festivals in recent years including the Tall Ships, the Round The World Clipper Race, Party at the Pier, firework displays, various concerts and is used by local watersports clubs. It has also become a popular venue for local scuba divers who can be seen on a regular basis 'going for a quick dip' in Salthouse Dock or Dukes Dock.

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Photographs taken by Patrick Trollope BA(Hons) LBPPA. 

Granada TV Studios, Albert Dock, Liverpool.

Round The World Clipper Race 2002/03

Round The World Clipper Race 2002/03

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