Site Network Hits & Page Statistics

THE aim of this page is to show all our sites trends, to demonstrate how they have preformed since June 2004 to 31 December 2013.   We can supply the very latest statistics should you request them, but we feel that in order to best asses how your advert will perform, it is better that you see the bigger picture!    Monthly statistics for 2012 and 2014 have been duplicated separately, so that you can see the last 2 FULL years trends easier.  That way you can have a far better view of our website groups successes and failures.  The stats on this page cover our flagship online newspaper website Southport Reporter, also our hub website Mersey Reporter (the site you are currently on), along with Liverpool Reporter,  Formby Reporter and Southport.TV.

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Please take note that when looking at any stats, on any website, you must know how they have been obtained. Also statistics should only be used as a guide when considering advertising on any website.  Our stats have been gathered from the information obtained via our server access logs.  In our view they are far more accurate than using cookies on external monitoring sites in order to track access, that quite a few rivals use in their PR.  We can supply some stats gathered that way if you request it, but we like to give you the most accurate data we can first!

Please also note that Southport.TV is the youngest of the 5 websites and information about its his and pages accessed can be found below.  Please note that Southport.TV stats below only start in July 2007, when the website was first hosted.  The Southport.TV website did not go public until September 2008.  Again that can be seen on the statistics for Southport.TV.  The site statistics do not include streaming media.

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