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THIS page covers the following websites:- Southport Reporter, Mersey Reporter, Liverpool Reporter, Formby Reporter and Southport.TV. All websites listed are owned by PBT Media Relations Ltd and managed by PCBT Photography.  Southport Reporter is a registered Trade Mark owned by Patrick Trollope and used on licence through PCBT Photography, by PBT Media Relations Ltd.

Who are we?

We are an independent news and information publishing group that was set up in 1999 by PCBT Photography.  Our sites that fall under the Mersey Reporter website group are listed above. PBT Media relations Ltd. is the company that manages our advertisement sales and our clients, whereas PCBT Photography owns the sites and operates them on a daily bases.

What is special about this site to any other blog or forum?

We are not a blog or forum website, we run an accredited online newspaper and information websites. We will take user generated material, but we reserve the rights to alter and to check validity before publishing. Southport Reporter is classed as a newspaper, so we have to abide by the same rules as the Local, National and International Press, unlike many blog and forum websites. As a result, you have the legal right to complain about the use of material on our sites.  (Please see Complains Section on this page).  We also follow strict protocols for how we generate news items, and all our staff and sales staff have to follow the UK Press's Code of Conduct at all times, along with the Editors' Code of Practice.  Please note that in line with the recommendations of the Leveson Report in 2012, we are currently reviewing our procedures and are now under the Press Regulatory Body, IMPRESS, as a formal member.  We feel it is our dutie to deliver a service that you can rely on, we feel that we should aim to explain all aspects to you, when ever we can. If you have a complaint, please drop down the page for information about how to make a complaint.

Letters to the Editor

We are not a blog or forum website, but that in no way says we do not want you to have a say.  We are always interested in your views and if you want to have a voice, let us know your views.  You can do this by sending our Editor an email marked:- 'Letters to the Editor'

Please note that we will not always publish letters sent, as we have to consider concerns about matters of taste and decency as well as legal and other editorial issues.

I have an event notice, but how to I get it to you?

Please send us the information with your full contact details.  Please indicate clearly what contact information is to be made public and what is not to be made public. Please email:- and do not send PDF documents or information embedded on photographs or other graphics. Clearly mark in the subject bar:- 'Event Notice Submission.'

I have news, how do I get it to you?

We are always interested in the next headline, so please do let us know your information as quickly as you can. We do not pay for reports, unless we have pre-arranged to do so in writing, so any information you give is taken as freely submitted to us.  We reserve the right to alter any work submitted and to check its validity. You must also have full copyright of any material you supply and agree that we can use it in accordance to our Terms and Conditions. You are responsible for the content and accuracy of any material you supply and accept liability to any legal action that might result of any direct quotation of your material. You should always read the Terms and Conditions page before supplying any information, samples or materials to our site, as with any website! If sending via email, please email us using:- and do not send PDF documents or information embedded on photographs or other graphics.  Please indicate clearly what contact information is to be made public and what is not to be made public. Also if you do not want you name used, please indicate this at the time of submitting.

If you want to use our news release templates and you have Microsoft Word, please feel free to use these 2 links to download our Press Release Templates.   You can use this release template for any media releases you are sending out, to any media group for FREE, we just ask that you keep our copyright notice on the forms attached.     For Word 95 to 2003 users please click here.  For Word 2010 and above, please click here.

Our contact information is as follows:-



Editorial (+44) 0 1704 513 569
Picture Desk
Sales and studio line (+44)  0 844 324 4 195
Other issues


All emails and phone calls to and from us are logged and can be recorded for training, news production, broadcast and referencing, as well as legal purposes.


News related
Photograpic submissions
Sales related questions
Events information submissions
Shop orders and other business
Music and audio related


All Skype messages and phone are logged and can be recorded for training, news production, broadcast and referencing, as well as legal purposes.


Skype Technologies S.A


How do I get my advert on your websites?

We are always interested getting adverts on our websites, so we offer a special range of advert options for you.  To see them and to find out about our self editable websites, please click on here now!

Can I sell tickets or products on your site?

YES YOU CAN!!! The advert page system lets you sell using applications like Paypal Buy Now buttons, but we also can add your items to our online shop.  Please contact our sales team for more information.

How many viewer do you get?

We have a full section of figures at your fingertips for you to look at, unlike a lot of websites.    On the link you will see more information from 2013 onwards, so that you can see how our websites has been performing over the long term, not just today or this week; that way you can make a better assessment of our reach after seeing the trends. We are happy to send you information as well.  Click here now to find the information you want out...

Do you have a cookie and tracking policy?

Yes we do and we are keen for your you to see it, not just as it is the law in the EU, but also as we feel you should know what happens behind the pages you are looking at.  Please take a look at the relevant page by clicking on here now.

I can't get a function or link to work?

As with any websites, errors do happen and we are keen to hear about them.  We are aware that not all our site runs smoothly all the time and we try to fix any issues raised as quickly as we can.  Please do let us know if you have any programs and scripts that are coursing you to have any interrupted enjoyment of the services we are offering you.  To help us to improve performance and also the look and feel of the site we ask that you email our editorial team with the link to the page you have the problem with and an explanation as to what the issue you have found are.  We also ask that you send information about the browser type, along with the operating system (OS) or device you are using to display the page you are having problems with.

Complaints about news coverage or advertisements.

Making a complaint

We hope that it never comes to you needing send us a complaint about any of our services we offer or about our news reports, but should you feel that you have a valid issue about any of the material published by ourselves or our services this is what you can do.  We would like to stress that we aim to resolve any issues you have quickly and amicably.  We never like it when things go wrong and our readers, including you are our life blood of the business, so keeping you is our highest priority.  We will look at your complaints and concerns about matters of taste and decency, as you are our readers and we do not want to upset you. But the Complaints System is not really set up for this and as such any related information should be addressed as a:- 'Letter to the Editor'.   Please read the following:-

What can be complained about?

For editorial and information pages on our websites, complaints we will accept may relate to news reports, articles, editorials, letters, cartoons, images and other published material. We do not consider complaints about advertising material, except where the complaint is that the material is not clearly identifiable as advertising or it is a product or service provided by our selves, that is misleading or violates the UK's Advertising standards rules.

Who can complain about news and information content?

Anyone who general, any person may lodge a complaint about published material. But to have a formal complaint you must be the one affected. The main grounds for complain must be noted in the correspondence as well as your full contact information.  We do how ever also accept complains should you be it be a 3rd party matter, but we request you do this via a question via a letter or email to the Editor as different procedures will apply when handling your complainant.  Also please be aware that any complaints are treated as being against the ourselves, PBT Media Relations Ltd. and not any individual media practitioner, photographer, journalist or editor, even though the complaint is likely to focus on the actions of that practitioner/s.

When can a complaint be made?

Complaints have to be judged against the NUJ's Code of Practice and IMPRESS codes of conduct.

Before making your complaint we strongly advise that you consult the NUJ Code and IMPRESS.

Complains can be of the following nature:-

The accuracy of the editorial, audio or video footage is in correct and misleading.

The editorial is one sided and has not given the other sides of the issue being addressed.

Material used has been obtained in a manner that breaches the UK's Press Code of Conduct.

We do not feel that a readers Letter to the Editor should have been published.

Also other issues can be related or connected to the following:-

The persistent pursuit of individuals to obtain photos, audio and/or video footage, after being asked to refusing requests to stop taking photos or asking questions.

The miss use of hidden cameras, video equipment and/or audio equipment to obtain material.

Should any of journalists or photographers failing to adhere to the wishes of relatives, and /or to be sensitive when dealing with cases involving shock and/or grief.

Failing to obtain the proper consent before speaking to children or venerable people, such as in hospital.

The physical behaviour of a staff member.

How can a complaint be made?

1.  You must send a your complaint by email or by post indicating to the location of the material you are contacting us about.  Or id a member of staff the name and or a full description of them.  We recomened you send a letter by recorded delivery.

2.  You must indicate why you are making the complaint and why you feel the issue should be addressed.

3. Let us know how you would intend us to address the issue.  Please also note that when making a complaint if they wish some details to be kept confidential or not to be published in any, should the matter require an apology to be placed on any of our websites.  If this is the case we will make you aware that in some cases a published apology might be inappropriate.

4.  Please also give us any dates and copies of any relevant martial that martial that substantiates your complaint.

5. You full contact information must also be supplied, so we can keep you informed as to what is going on.

After  a complaint be made what happens?

Complains will be looked at by our staff and assed for it's merit. Should we feel that you are correct we will do our best to resolve the issue.  If we feel it is not our responsibility or you do not like our response, you can look at mediation services.  We are now looking at working wit INPRESS who will act as mediation should our complains procedure fail your request, but only if you are the subject in question.  They will also not deal people who have sent in letters to the Editor.  We have put a simple guide online to our complaints handaling procedure that can be found on here.

Complains about Advertisement of 3rd Parties

Please be aware that we ask all our advert page users to check to see if the information on the adverts adheres to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rules.  If this is not the case please let us know and we will investigate and if found to be correct, we will take necessary action to get the advertisement client to resolve the issue/s raised in your complaint.    All self editable advert pages are clearly marked:- "This is an advertisement. If you would like one like this please go to"

, any issues raised following or during the transactions of trade between any parties via our advert banners or advert pages with in the Business Sections of our websites, is between you and that party.  We are only an introduction agent and can not be held responsible for any outside parties actions.  But if you do have a complain, we would be interested to know and will review that advertisement and the client, to see if they are of a standard we will be happy to have on our websites.

Copyright and Trade Marks

What happens to our copyright rights when supplying material to you?  Please see Website Network Terms & Conditions for more information.

All material on here is subject to copyright at all times!  Please see our Website Network Terms & Conditions for more information.    Should you wish to use any material, images or graphics from our websites, you must contact us for written permission first. 

Southport Reporter is a registered Trademarked under the UK's Trade Mark Act 1994 Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with the registration No. 2292469.    Both PCBT Photography and PBT Media Relations Ltd. are protected names, under the Business Names Act 1985.  Please note that any actions seen as passing off or copying will result in legal action.  We reserve all rights to the use of our business names at all times.  Mersey Reporter, Southport.TV, Liverpool Reporter and Formby Reporter are also protected.