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Mersey Reporter is the main network hub that consists of 4 online local media sister websites:-
Together, they act to highlight regional events, promote local businesses and get greater exposure to the Merseyside Area and its culture to the World.

On Mersey Reporter you can get the latest news updates, see the upcoming events, advertise your own event or business, read about regional history, do some online shopping and even kill your time and play some fascinating online games.
Please help us to show the world how great the region is!  If you have any events or activities you would like us to cover, please drop us an email on:- News24@MerseyReporter.comAlso give us a shout if you have a business in Merseyside that you feel the neibouthood must know about.

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Our Online Services

Southport Reporter - Online Weekly Newspaper
Southport Reporter is a free weekly online newspaper that covers the Merseyside area and is run by qualified journalists and other professional news gatherers. All our news services are run under rules of IMPRESS and our complaints procedure can be found here. Southport Reporter is a free online newspaper and does not require you to join or register in order to read the content. 
Formby Reporter -  Free Email News Alert Update Service
This service provides a free email alert bulletin which delivers material to supplement our popular weekly online newspaper, Southport Reporter. Formby Reporter provides daily updates, covering major breaking stories and information on lots of cultural events that take place in and around Merseyside (Liverpool City Region).  It's a free service and you can unsubscribe at any time. Just as with Southport Reporter, the news bulletins are subject to the guidelines of IMPRESS, thus you can be sure that the content is reliable and trustworthy. 
Local History
Merseyside was formed in 1974 from what was then South West Lancashire. The Merseyside region consists of North and South Liverpool, Sefton to the North of Liverpool, Knowsley and St Helens to the East and the Wirral to the West. Merseyside now has an approximate population of 1 403 381 with 610 000 households. It has some of the richest wildlife on and off its coastline as well as the highest number of listed buildings outside of London. In 2008 Liverpool was designated European Capital Of Culture by the European Union.  Since 2008 Merseyside has become part of the new area known as the Liverpool City Region, and Liverpool became one if the first UK Cities to have an Elected Mayor.
Advertising For Businesses
We offer cost effective and efficient advertisement campaigns that keep you in control, providing fantastic opportunities for you to attract more clients and win potential new customers. It is not just our unique background of being the first recognized online only newspaper that helps, but our attention to the things that matter, helping our clients to retain the old customers and gain new clients. For that reason even if you do not have a website or if you want to profit from our great search engine listings, then we have many option to help you acquire a better web presence.
Online Radio and TV
Please take a note that currently we are rebuilding our websites, Southport.TV and Liverpool Reporter, to become more compliant with mobile devices. As a result, some funcuions on these websites might not be working.
Liverpool Reporter
Liverpool Reporter is our audio news archive and also our local music online radio station. We set this site up as Merseyside has produced and continues to produce some of the best musical talents in the world. It has an extremely diverse population and this has led the Citie's amazing culture developing. This culture has lead to many amazing acts becoming international names, forming some of the world's best selling songs and bands. Liverpool alone has found worldwide acclaim through bands like The Beatles and Space, not forgetting Atomic Kitten and even the Spice Girls. At Liverpool Reporter we aim to bring you that music from this vibrant area, and to support talented artists of Merseyside. Liverpool Reporter provides a free online web radio service, that requires no registration for its listeners to tune in.  It is also free for bands to submit work to, and we hope that by giving us the rights to freely play the music they produce, we can get them the followings they deserve.
Please note that the website - Liverpool Reporter - is currently not broadcasting as we are conducting a major redevelopment of this website's systems.

Southport TV is our online video archive.  It is where you can find archived video news footage taken by us and also other video footage we have done over the years, that we feel you might like to watch.   Please note that some features might not ve working at times, as this website is also undergoing major changes as we are developing the site to work with our YouTube Channel as well as delivering our video archive via our own website. 
Flood Warnings for North West England.
Merseyside has many flood risk areas in and around it, so we have added this to help our readers find out about the latest Flood Alerts within Liverpool area and thoughout the North West of England.  The information is supplied and updated with thanks to the Environment Agency Flood Warning Information System 'FWIS'.
Please note:- we do not have any control over the content on the Environment Agenc's website.

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