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JCI Liverpool ltd.

JCI Liverpool - UK


JCI  Liverpool is the  leading network of young leaders in Merseyside

JCI Liverpool is a reboot of 'Liverpool Junior Chamber of Commerce' which was originally established  in 1931, but ceased in 1993. The service is specially designed to develop  future leaders aged between 19 and 41. JCI Liverpool members join a global  network of around 200,000 other JCI members from more than 100 countries.


Photo of the JCI leaders on 21 March 2013 at Liverpool Town Hall.

"If you are a young  person in business and you want to get ahead, this is the network for you. JCI will help young professionals to develop their skills, expand their  experience and have fun at the same time. We want to empower young people  and there is a real desire in the Liverpool business community to nurture  new talent and JCI Liverpool is a great way to tap into this resource. With  the right help fledgling talent can go on to develop entire industries and  we want this to happen in Liverpool." said the Deputy Lord Mayor of Liverpool Cllr Gary Millar, on 21 March 2013.

JCI Liverpool offers  opportunities in:-

* Networking and Social  activities
*  Training and Development
*  Community and Charity  Projects 
*  International Work 

We hope to see you soon  at one of our events.

You can find out more about JCI  Liverpool at:-

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